The Importance Of Fluoride In Our Teeth


Fluoride is typically found in toothpaste and often in tap water. But why is this so important in our teeth? As a matter of fact, fluoride is a natural mineral which occurs in varieties of water and foods. Fluoride is protecting our teeth by means of reversing tooth decay and making our teeth to more resistant in bacteria, plaque and sugars present in the mouth. These are basically the common causes for cavities. Bacteria, sugars and plaque on teeth is emitting enamel destroying acid.

Your teeth are deemed to be among the strongest parts of the body. However, your teeth aren’t like your bone. The hard, shiny and white portion of your teeth outside is actually composed of dentin or calcified tissues. Similar to bones, dentin needs minerals in order to be healthy, strong and at the same time, prevent diseases.

Every single day, your teeth are losing and gaining minerals and fluoride is among those minerals that remineralizes. Your jaws as well as teeth are made either of bone or jaw as well as calcified tissue or simply your teeth. Both need minerals in order to build them up and keep them strong as well as resilient to breaking, weakening and cracking. Tooth decay and even cavities take place when there are more minerals lost during demineralization than addition of minerals to teeth.

What’s the processes for demineralization and remineralization? Essential minerals which include fluoride are then added to the teeth in order to strengthen them. Demineralization takes place when the teeth are exposed to enamel destroying acid that also depletes essential minerals of the teeth. Therefore, fluoride is vital in terms of preventing and halting cavities from forming by means of adding minerals to teeth as are being depleted by bacteria and plaques.

Some patients and dentist encinitas are being skeptical of fluoride and think that it’s dangerous to one’s health. As a matter of fact, fluoride is totally safe to use and plays an integral role in having good dental hygiene. The only time when fluoride becomes dangerous is when it’s used in big quantities. Small children are vulnerable to negative effects of fluorosis compared to adults. Fluorosis is basically the discoloration or typically the brown streaks or white specks of the teeth. This happens more often in children as it’s associated with teeth growth.

A lot of foods, water as well as dental hygiene products now have low dose of fluoride and in fact, these levels are so low to the point that they pose no risks to health. Call carlsbad dentist to know more!


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